The same white people who wanted an open crucifixion of Michael Vick for dog abuse will give you 1001 reasons as to why an officer killing an unarmed and surrendered black kid deserves to roam free, and in fact are shelling out their entire bank account to make sure it happens.

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how do you bring a black child into a world that plots their destruction before they leave the womb? how do you explain to a black child that their life is a crime, that they will be hated for existing? how do you weight your own love heavily enough to stand up to every force that tells a black child they are unlovable by definition? how do you bring a black child into this world?

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Get mad at the one who leaks, rather than the one who has the pictures.

Like lets keep it real, most people have those type of pics, don’t judge or use the whole double standard shit. Don’t say i’m a guy, it’s different.
No nigga, you got a nude on ya phone, she got a nude, shut the fuck up.

If you are a feminist (the ones that give it a bad name) don’t be all praising and waiting for men’s nudes to get leaked or for them to leak it.
Then turn right around a shame a girl for having those kinds of pics, taking those kinds of pics, and them getting leaked or them leaking it themselves.


Rant over


the fucking worst is when people are like “you hate people for having a different opinion than you!!!!” like im not shitting on this guy because he thinks pistachio ice cream is gross im shitting on him because he actually believes that i and people like me dont deserve basic human rights and respect and safety

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Raven-Symoné just posted this image on her Facebook and polish, it’s made me MAD. This is what I write about it on Facebook:
As an African this image is infuriating to me personally.
1) Africa is a continent, not a country
2) Africa has prosperous, beautiful big cities with wealthy, comfortable, happy people as well as people in dire states of need.
THERE ARE EMPOVERISHED PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD AND THEY ALL NEED OUR HELP. This common image of Africa as ‘Land of the Charity Cases’ makes me furious. You think of Africa and it’s all pitiful starving children, tears, hands extended, begging for your spare change and off cuts. I feel like Western Asia often gets tarred with the same brush. Charity is needed in Africa like it us needed in Asia, Europe, The Americas, Australasia, all over the world. I’m not saying STOP giving to charity I’m just saying that there are millions of people rich and poor in Africa and they demand respect not pity. We aren’t begging for your damned ice water, we are looking for ways to build pumps and wells in our villages. We don’t wan the food your child won’t finish at the table, we want the means to grow and buy our own. Africa is striving for Education, improved infrastructure, to create wealth for all of us that desire it, to create a future that isn’t war torn and tumultuous. We are more than just your ‘I’m such a good person’ trump card, we are millions of lives and languages and backgrounds and faces that are all grouped together, called primitive, with our hands twisted to look outstretched and begging.

According to an IRIN report in 2005, 82% of arable land in South Africa is still owned by Europeans and those of European descent through colonization.
Yet a lot of people be giving away dresses and bibles to “Africa” as a sum of thinking that is going to solve the problems persisting in specific countries in Africa.
Can we stop homogenizing the experiences of an entire continent for white saviour complexes please?

You are not helping the situations long term, and you are also continueing the racist perpetuation of Africans as “backwards”, “starving”, and “unable to fend for themselves”. When they are very much able to do so if it wasn’t for colonization and white supremacy, which you continue to perpetuate through unsustainable aid, and painting the picture of the “poor Africans”.
yo, super into this blog for the most part, but let's stop pretending that every white person is the fucking devil. there are racist white people, and there are non-racist white people who are ashamed of the history AND present treatment of persons of color. white men and women who have been protesting the unethical treatment or minorities in america, and around the world. change is slow and difficult, but pretending that any person with white skin is evil is only slowing the process.




White guy from st. louis needs to unfollow us.

"…minorities in america, and around the world."

That line reminded me of this Louis CK bit about the white man going to Africa and talking about all the minorities there.

i remember the first time i watched south park, louis 

Some white Americans go to Black and Brown countries and refer to the people there as “minorities”. I actually discussed this on twitter not long ago. A white man will go to an African country and will refer to the people as African-Americans. They don’t mean Black Americans either. African-American means anyone who is Black to them. It’s interchangeable and it’s synonymous in their world. Many white people think it’s a universal term. They use African-American like the use minorities; it’s a blanket, all encompassing term in their mind.

They’re basically incapable of viewing the world without whiteness centralized and they don’t even realize it. It makes them think they are the default and they think they are larger than they actually are. They’re more people in Nigeria, Ethiopia, DRC and Egypt combined than all of Western Europe.

One thing that happens when you centralize whiteness and otherize everyone else is that white people will lose perspective and scope. It’s why a white person can open their mouth and talk about helping minorities not just in America, but around the world. Poor things don’t know that they are the minorities of the world…lol



when you goin extra hard to be the token nigga


when you finally get accepted as the token nigga

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Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured. - Unknown (via giant-tree)

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black airbender